The sick:
Brid Carmody, Rosemary Croom- Johnson, Pedro Da Cunha, Marie Griffiths, Teresa Gummett, Theresa Healy, Mary Hingston, Sue Hitchins, Josie Holland, Michael Kenny, Dorrit & Ronald Leeming, Elizabeth McBean, Patsy McCarthy, Geanette Martin, Terry Moss, Gillian Nicholson, Dorothy Placito, Iris Torpy, Pat Regini, Karen Reilly, Trudy Rodgers, Jackie Ross, Mary Shepherd, Gillian Swain, Jim Swain, Patricia Tester, Mary Uden, Christine Verne, Anthony Watson, and Margaret Abeden Zadeh.

Those whose anniversaries occur at this time:
Michael Henry, Hedley O’Sullivan, Lisa Raven, Patrick Duff, Mary Fussell and Kathleen Penny

Those who have died recently:  
Marie Brooks and Maria Clayton RIP

Diocesan Prayer Link:
We pray for the parish of St Peter, Gloucester.

THE ROSARY is often said following the weekday morning Masses,
you would be very welcome to join the group.