One of the great strengths of our parish is the large number of children who go to our 'Little Church' during the 9.15am Mass on a Sunday. Each group looks at the main theme of the Sunday Mass in a way that is interesting and relevant to their own level of understanding. The children (and a parent for the pre-school children) go out at the start of the Mass and come back at the Offertory. All children, including visitors, are welcome to go to 'Little Church'. There are currently three Little Church groups; one for children of pre-school age and their parents, one for those at school but pre-First Holy Communion and lastly, a group for those who've made their First Holy Communion. The first group usually has between twenty and thirty children and around fifteen of their parents/carers. The liturgy is kept simple, often using the children's Mass sheets and involving singing, prayers and a craft activity. The group is led by an adult volunteer with help from several parents and teenagers from the parish. The middle group focuses on the week's Gospel with the children encouraged to see how the teachings of Jesus might apply to their own lives. It is a very cheerful and interactive session which caters for an average of 20 children every Sunday.  The group is led by one of two volunteers (on a rota) with an additional adult helper. The older group generally caters for around ten young people and aims to bridge the gap between a traditional children's group and the full Mass, regularly talking about the shape of the Mass, the general chronology of the Bible, and the basic structure of the liturgical year. The group takes the week's Gospel in its original form as its lead for discussion, often looking at how it ties in with either the first or second reading and explaining some of the more traditional language. This group is led by one adult volunteer at present. If you would like to join our group of adults who lead or help in these groups, please see Louise White.