A lunch is prepared each Tuesday at the Newman Hall to provide food and company for parishioners over 65. The group also raises funds for Bristol Childrens' Hospital and projects in Kenya. The Lunch Club began in November 1982. It was started by a parishioner who saw the need to provide company and companionship for many lonely senior citizens. The aim was to improve their quality of life with the lunch provided a bonus. The first meeting was attended by a handful of people and was publicised by knocking on doors and inviting people. After that its popularity grew and the group now provides welcome company, companionship and lunch for well over 20 people each week.If you would like to come along on a Tuesday or want more information please contact June.

Welcome to the Newman HallTuesday Lunch Club diningTuesday Lunch Club helping

picture details, left to right, top to bottom: Welcome to the Newman Hall, Tuesday Lunch Club dining, Tuesday Lunch Club helping