our pastoral council's mission

The first task of the Pastoral Council is to help the parish identify and define its particular mission,
at this particular time, within the overall mission of the Church. In this way it gives the parish a real sense of purpose and a vision to work towards.

But its work must not end there. It must then decide on priorities and set goals for appropriate pastoral activity in a wide range of areas, such as in Faith Formation, Education and Personal Growth; Development of Worship, Prayer and relevant Liturgy; encouragement of Support groups; Youth Ministry; Ecumenism; Evangelisation; Work for Peace and Justice; Community Development and Good Relations etc. The list of possibilities is endless. It is not the role of the council to carry out these tasks itself. Members may contribute to various areas of ministry as individuals, but with everyone in the parish using their God-given gifts, together we can build a living, growing, healthy community of faith. Together we really can make a difference.our pastoral council members 2017/18

Jane DyerFrank TothillJacek MiotlaFiona McDonaldBernard ThomasChristine CroninDee Coleman


picture details, left to right, top to bottom:
Jane Dyer, Secretary, Frank Tothill, Chair, Jacek Miotia, Fiona McDonald, Bernard Thomas, Christine Cronin, Dee Coleman